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Site em Blockchain P2P test #MultichainⓂ

legal demais... simples, mas bem diferente do convencional, e ao meu ver roda ate #php (sera???) 😎 #teste #test #blockchain #site #p2p #multichain

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Friendica 2023.01 released

Content warning: Christian Pöschl from usd AG has found another XSS vulnerability in Friendica which is close with this hotfix release of Friendica. In addition some other bugfixes for the distribution of forum postings and improvements to the update process of node infor

There is one typo in the text that mentions 2022.12.
I found it too, but didn't want to fix an "official typo" :D


ufa.. subi o ultimo servidor de #2022 💻 #funkwhale 🎶tentei usar o #Apache nao deu boa... foi com #nginx depois de algumas modificações😎

o #funkwhale me deu alguns infortunios haha ... nao consegui nem logar como adm😂 melhor opção?? #Emby 🎵🎶 muito bom #recomendo

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Friendica 2022.12 released

Content warning: We are very happy to announce the avail-ability of the new stable version of Friendica. Wrapping up the sprint from the 2022.10 release of Friendica we closed 73 filed issues and had almost 300 pull requests by 19 contributors. A special thanks goes out t I remember the 2022.12-rc version saying that the .htaccess file needed to be updated on Apache. If I'm upgrading from 2022.10, do I need to do this still?
@Jonathan "Mastodon" Lamothe Yes, very much so. It only affects one specific API call, but it would be difficult to troubleshoot.
@Jonathan "Mastodon" Lamothe just pull/update and then quickly look in the shipped .htaccess-dist or so and there is a rewrite rule line with an additional B compared to your current version, so only one capital letter B needs to be added.

@Hypolite Petovan
@Jonathan "Mastodon" Lamothe @utzer ~Friendica~ If you didn't add any changes to your local .htaccess file, yes.
@Hypolite Petovan Out of curiosity, is there a reason I would have manually changed it?

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Friendica 2022.12 Release Candidate avail-able

Content warning: We are happy to announce the availability of the release candidate for the upcoming Friendica 2022.12 release, to focus on fixing existing bugs and smoothing out of rough edges.. Since October we have fixed around 40 filed tickets from the issue tracker,

Does anybody knows if that version can be used instead that somewhat strange version on @YunoHost ?

On branch stable
Your branch is ahead of 'origin/stable' by 442 commits.
@Grischa the version on Yunohost is probably some state of the dev branch from a few weeks back. The released the package with that instead of the stable branch. @Tio should know. @YunoHost @Friendica News
Well, but git status shows the code above. So it is some kind of branch stable but changed somehow..
Well, I think: wait and see. :-)
@Grischa You can add the "upstreaming" repository and run a git diff on it:
git remote add upstream
git fetch --all
git diff upstream/stable

Instead of stable you can try any branch or commit id to compare to.
@Roland Häder doesn't a git repo have a comit fingerprint or something that you can output when you habe a local clone? @Grischa
@utzer ~Friendica~ @Grischa Yes, you can checkout individual commit ids if you mean this? git checkout abc123 with do a checkout in detached mode. Not really recommended because updating it isn't easy. git checkout abc123 -b temp will checkout id abc123 and create a new branch temp from it.
@Roland Häder no I meant to show the current state, maybe commit id and little more info. @Grischa
You should NOT use the Yunohost Friendica package right now. I kept on contacting them to do something about it but it is just a simple merge request that's wrongly added there anyway. Unfortunately there are nor many who care about the YNH Friendica package and I am also super busy with other things now.

So. They messed up and labeled their current version as stable from september while they wrongly added the hashes for the developer december version. And it is a total mess. You have to basically wait for them to bump the version to this december stable that was just released.

I will try to make them aware of it if I have the time....
@Tio but is there any adaption of Friendica specific to Yunohost or can one just switch to the current RC branch? Laten when the package is updated to the new release it would then be possibel to update again.
Ok this I do not know honestly. Depends what configs ynh has like LDAP and such.
@Tio alright.
@Grischa I guess you better wait, on the other hand the package maintainers should and could switch to the RC now, it is really stable now and as discussed in other threads surely better than that random development state that they shipped.
The only thing that could go wrong is a corrupted DB, right? I would assume that YNH did not change anything on the DB scheme..
So maybe I should go the "danger seeker way" again and simply try to switch to the RC branch?.. Maybe backup before.. ;)

.. or I wait.. ATM friendica works. When I check the dev console, it tries to load some YNH stuff, that is not there, so this seems to be strange anyways..
@Grischa well, that means that the people at @YunoHost downgraded Friendica? @Tio any idea?
I am not sure what will happen if you switch to the RC.


200 OK!


Bondinho da Rua XV Curitiba

#curitiba #ctba 2022


Praça Generoso Marques. Curitiba PR